Gateway is the new sports complex completed in 1994. It includes Jacobs Field, home of the Cleveland Indians and the Gund Arena where basketball and hockey are played. Gund also serves well as an entertainment center for musical performances of all types. You can board an RTA Rapid Transit at the Cleveland Airport and never have to walk outside to get to Gateway. Our Cleveland Indians have apparently been inspired by the new ballfield. They are winning game after game at the "Jake" to the delight of Indians Fans. The 1996 season is over and the Indians missed getting into the League championship games with a loss to Baltimore. But they still did very well and the fans are looking forward to next year. All tickets for the entire series of 81 home games were completely sold out the first week of December, 1995. But thanks to a fellow ham radio operator, Ron K8VJG, yours truly had the opportunity to attend an Indians-Minnesota game. You guessed it, we lost! Cleveland supports all of their sports teams as much as any other city in the United States. But give them a winning team like the Cleveland Indians and their support is unsurpassed!

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