The Cleveland Indians are really hot. On October 17th, 1995, they clinched the American LeagueTitle and headed for the World Series. It has been 41 years since the Indians were in this situation and Clevelander's and Indian's fans were really celebrating. Jacobs field seems to have transformed them into a World Class Baseball Team, seemingly overnight. Chief Wahoo, the Indians trademark, came under fire recently because it was said to be objectionable to native Americans. I'm glad it survived. The Cleveland Indians without Chief Wahoo would be like talk radio without Rush Limbaugh. Although the Braves won the Series, Cleveland gave them something to think about. Although we missed getting into the World Series in 1996, Indian's fans were treated to another run at it in 1997. They went to a full series of games, only to lose the last one. But 1998 is another year and the Indians are hotter than ever. Will this year be the year for Cleveland?
Stay Tuned!


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