OPDX Special Bulletin 1354.2 March 5, 2018

The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Special Bulletin No. 1354.2
BID: $OPDX.1354.2
March 5, 2018
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF80.ORG (Cleveland, Ohio)
Written/Sent From Strongsville, OH

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, AB5K & the AR TelNet Clusters Network K4UEE and PY2WAS for the following DX information.


The 3Y0Z
team members are safely home. We have been home about two weeks now,
after 31 days aboard our vessel M/V Betanzos.
  We have been to Bouvet Island, and as a result, we have a better ap-
preciation for the challenges we face.  It is a dark, dismal and dangerous
place. Yet, when the sun shines, it is magnificent.
  The most difficult thing to reflect upon is the final day offshore,
when we saw the island, crystal clear in calm winds, less than a mile
away. The conditions were perfect for our first reconnaissance flight
and possible landing of men and camp infrastructure.  But, during the
violent night before, the Captain had made the decision to abort.  In
retrospect, his call was clairvoyant.  The mechanical, propulsion failure
on the ship that occurred would have brought disaster, if it resulted
in some of our men being stranded ashore.
  We are sure you are wondering what happens now?  Well, we are not the
kind of people to give up.  The same thing happened when we were trying
to activate Peter I in 2005.  We came back the following year and with
DAP's (the vessel owner) help, we got it done.
  We are optimistic about a fair settlement and a resulting refund of
some of our money paid to DAP for this recent attempt to activate Bouvet.
That money, and what we still have in the bank will allow us to begin
making plans to try again. We have begun the difficult task of looking
for a suitable vessel, and would hope to go back to Bouvet in the next
year or two. Obviously, we will keep you informed.
  Thank you for the hundreds of favorable and encouraging comments from
our financial supporters and sponsors.  No one has asked for any of their
contributions back, and, in fact, many have offered additional support
for the next chapter in this book.  We are hopeful that those of you who
have invested in this project will see fit to "roll over" your financial
support to the next attempt.
  So, if we can pull all the moving parts together, we are going to try
it again. Hopefully, this time, with a different outcome.
  73, Bob, K4UEE 
XX9B MACAO DXPEDITION NEWS (PRESS RELEASE #4 - Final One, dated March 3rd) [edited]

Dear colleagues,
  We are pleased to confirm our final band plan during the XX9B DXpedition
to be in the air between March 9th, 2018 and March 17th, 2018:
  Modes    160M   80M  40M        30M   20M   17M   15M   12M   10M
  CW   -  1821.5* 3517 7017      10117 14007 18087 21007 24891 28007 
  SSB  -  ------- 3777 7060/7167 ----- 14167 18137 21277 24930 28477
  RTTY -  ------- ---- 7047      10147 14087 18107 21087 24927 28087
  FT8  -  1840    3573 7074      10136 14074 18100 21074 24915 28074

 * We will listen DOWN 2-3 in 160m to JA. We will listen UP to all others.

  Considering some obstacles, we had to consider to upload our logs twice
a day at Club Log, instead of working with online log uploading. Thus,
we guarantee the lowest possibility of any mistake that could affect the
reliability of our log.
  PP1CZ will be the one responsible for uploading logs at ClubLog. If you
wish to clarify any issue related to log, please address your e-mail to
PP1CZ: , but do not forget that PP1CZ is part of the
team and will be busy during the DXpedition.
  We are proud to welcome our latest 2 ops: Luciano/PY5KD and Sara/VU3RSB
They will certainly contribute to a wider number of contacts.
  The final XX9B team will be: Leo/PP1CZ, Junior/PR7AB, Claudio/PY2MC,
Alex/PY2SEX, Alex/PY2WAS, Fernando/PY4BZ, Herminio/PY5HSD, Luciano/PY5KD,
Beto/PY6RT, Jim/PY7XC, Sara/VU3RSB and Bom/XX9LT.
  PY2WAS and PY4BZ are already in Asia and the rest of the team will be
joining in the coming days.
  We will be prioritizing 160m and 80m transmissions during our sunrise
and sunset times.
  If you have queries, comments, requests, etc… address it to 
 as they will be shared with the rest of the team and
replied in due course.
  We thank all colleagues that contributed with their valuable opinions
and support.
  Enjoy your hunt!
  73, XX9B DXpedition Team

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